The World Way School overall development domains

• Communicative development
• Social development
• Creativity development
• Innovation development
• Psychomotor development
• Cognitive development
• Emotional development

The perfect combination tried based approach,
simplified yet effective

As a teacher reads out about polar bears from a book to children in a class, a digital screen displays a polar a polar bear in its wild habitat. The child listens and watches, a perfect way of involving all the human faculties one is born with which in turn aids to fast learning and grasping process.And it gets even better, from here children break into small groups and build a home for polar bear considering all that they have seen and heard. Through this hands-on project a child becomes fully aware of what they learn.This is exactly what the TRIED BASED APPROACH at World Way School International is all about.
the three verticals of this TRIED are

• AV Approach
• Group Study
• Activity Based Study

Throughout Udgam, every child will transmit from one vertical to another and hence everyday becomes a new and refreshing leaning experience.